Features of life insurance are to provide reasonable income, level and quality of life of people upon the occurrence of random events with adverse and favorable consequences, called insurance cases. In this regard, life insurance is a type of insurance that provides insurance protection of personal, family incomes of citizens or strengthening of their achieved well-being. If we consider this goal from the standpoint of the interests of the citizens, it represents a protection of the property interest associated with different sources of income, against unexpected, threat-reducing the standard of living of random events. The concept of property interest in the hotels of Novosibirsk or insured is a key for the origin of insurance relations because the property interests constitute the object of insurance (in accordance with article 4 of the Law on insurance). In life insurance the object of insurance is the property interests associated with approach to life of a citizen of certain phenomena caused by the passage of time. These include the death of a person, the endowment of citizens to certain age or term, offensive to life of a citizen other, independent of the will of the individual phenomena (events) [3].
In the conditions of licensing of insurance activity in territory of the Russian Federation offered only substantive interpretation of the essence of life insurance the agencies of state insurance supervision (i.e. from the standpoint of the insured object). Thus, apartments for rent in Novosibirsk enable life insurance and is a "set of kinds of personal insurance providing obligations of the insurer on insurance payments in case of insured lives until the end of the period of insurance or a particular insurance contract of the age of death of the insured, and pension payment (rent, annuity) the insured in the cases provided for in the insurance contract (termination of the insurance contract, the insured reaching a certain age, death of breadwinner, permanent disability, ongoing payments (annuities) during the period of validity of the insurance contract, etc.)". In article 934 of the civil code of life insurance is determined using the contract apartment for rent in Novosibirsk that gives a broad interpretation of life insurance, in particular, regarding insurance claims. Thus, according to p. 1 of this article under a contract of personal insurance one party (insurer) undertakes for the contract fee (the insurance premium) paid by another party (the policyholder), to pay to pay lump sum or periodically by the contract sum (sum insured) in the event of harm to the life or health of the insured or some other named in the contract of the citizen (the insured person), they reach a certain age or offensive in his life otherwise provided by the contract of the event (insured event).
This broader definition of life insurance, it is provided through insurance claims. It is necessary to consider in detail what the street in Novosibirsk there was an accident. However, insured against occurs before the insurance case where the insurance company accepts the insurable risk in life insurance at the conclusion of the insurance contract. Consequently, without identifying insurable risks and cannot disclose the nature of the insurance relationship that defines the very essence of life insurance. In life insurance, insurable risk cannot be defined as the length of human life, after all, not so much the period of life, much anticipated event that was interrupted by life, and not death itself, and the estimated time of occurrence of the alleged age. страница не найдена В случае неисполнения или ненадлежащего исполнения принятых на себя обязательств виновная сторона при пошиве штор возмещает другой стороне причиненные убытки в полном объеме.За просрочку передачи недвижимого имущества Покупателям Продавец выплачивает каждому Покупателю пеню за квартиру посуточно, только при обращении в квартирное бюро и из расчета 0,01 % от суммы, составляющей цену Имущества, за каждый день просрочки передачи Имущества. Пеня перестает начисляться только после фактической уплаты долга должником, признания долга, либо по день вступления в законную силу решения суда.Возмещению подлежит только реальный ущерб, что и заявляет сайт Демянска, а неполученные доходы и упущенная выгода возмещению не подлежат. Можно привести много историй, но все они сводятся к одному, для того, чтобы все сделать на профессиональном уровне, необходима качественная аренда посуточных квартир или гостиниц.The estimated time, the causes and conditions of death in the supposed age and will be an event that is seen as an insurance risk because of signs of probability and accident of its approach in accordance with paragraph 1 of article 9 of the Law on insurance. And only then can insure the risk to Express themselves, first, in the probability to die at a young age or before average life expectancy; secondly, the probability to die or survive for a certain period of time; third, the probability of living in old age with greater life expectancy, which requires obtaining regular income without continuing employment[3].
In insurance coverage when choosing real estate in Novosibirsk the insurer included a wide range of specific events: survival to the end of the period of insurance, caused age or event, of death of the policyholder or insured or loss of health during the period of insurance specified event, usually from accidents. Besides life itself, are marked out as separate objects associated with it, the ability to work and health, and the amount of the insurance liability of the insurance company – different accidents and diseases, as well as the cost of treatment. Life as an object of a mixed insurance is associated with a wide insurance cover of the insurer: survival to the end of the insurance period, the insured's death and accidents.
When property insurance is not reclaimable damages caused by gross negligence or wrongful acts of the insured that is established and confirmed by the relevant authorities, fire supervision, police, courts; corrosion, rot, or normal wear and tear of the property; incurred as a result of war or civil unrest; formed in connection with the confiscation, seizure or destruction of property at the government's request; if the tenant daily rent of apartments of Novosibirsk refused compensation or reduced the size of the payment, because the insured had the opportunity, but took no measures to save the property during and after the event (insured event), failed to ensure his safety and prevent further damage; fully refunded to the policyholder by a third party; in the case that the insurer refused to pay the compensation fully or partially, as the insurer reported false information about the circumstances that are decisive for judgment on insurance risk, and did not report any significant changes in risk or in any way intentionally contributed to unreasonable compensation.
In case of insurance of financial risks (such as deposits) the insurer may refuse payment if the policyholder stated on the insurance case later than the time specified in the contract, do not attach to the application the documents confirming the fact of occurrence of such event and the amount of damages. At insurance of risk of default on the loan provides for certain sanctions. So, the insurer has the right to refuse payment of indemnity, if the policyholder reported by Secure Shuttle Transport false information about the circumstances that are essential to assess the degree of risk or if the policyholder has not performed the duties that were entrusted to it by the terms of the contract. For example, the cause of failure of payment of the sum insured can be that the borrower used the loan not for the intended purpose. the
The policyholder is obliged: to pay the premiums; at the conclusion of the insurance contract to inform the insurer about all known circumstances relevant for the assessment of insurance risk, and also about all concluded or concluded contracts of insurance concerning the given object of insurance; to take the necessary measures to prevent and mitigate damage to the insured property when the insurance case and inform the insurer about the insured event within the terms specified in the insurance contract.